“A restless professional, always committed to offering change and avant-garde to make each client feel special.”

Since 1994

He began his professional career at a very young age, with an innate passion for the world of fashion and hairdressing.

Her training took place in Bilbao and with only 17 years old she started working and directing salon teams in Galicia, Madrid and Bilbao.

Over the years he has participated with different creative teams in national and international events and galas for professionals in the sector.

In 1994, he opened his salon in Barakaldo, Pedro Montero Peluqueros, where he continues his adventure surrounded by a team of professionals who develop the latest and most conservative cutting and color techniques.

In addition to his work in the salon, he has explored the world of cinema and the press. He participates in television programs and collaborates with different fashion designers, always remaining at the forefront of style and creativity.


Style doesn't have to be expensive

Cuts and hairstyles

  • Desde 20€ Men's haircut
  • Desde 14€ Boy haircut
  • Desde 16€ Girl haircut
  • Desde 20€ Lady haircut
  • Desde 18.5€ Short hairstyle
  • Desde 20€ Long hairstyle
  • Desde 23€ Extra long hairstyle

  • Desde 27.5€ Color
  • Desde 35€ Men's cut and color
  • Desde 39€ Color with bands
  • Desde 46€ Highlights
  • Desde 40€ Hair
  • Desde 33€ Highlights Fixes
  • Desde 11€ Coloring
  • Desde 39€ Bleaching
  • Desde 47.5€ Elumen Color

  • Desde 65€ Bridal up-do
  • Desde 46€ Molded
  • Desde 31€ Half molded
  • Desde 46€ Straightened
  • Desde 30€ Medium curly
  • Desde 50€ Updo
  • Desde 36€ Half updo
  • Desde 12€ Mask therapy
  • Desde 225€ Japanese straightening

  • Desde 28€ Clinix salon treatment
  • Desde 28€ SPA salon treatment
  • Desde 28€ Botox hair treatment
  • Desde 28€ Botox hair treatment
  • Desde 165€ Sweet treatment


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Lunes a viernes: 09:30h a 19:30h

Sábados: 08:30h a 13:30h

Domingos: Cerrado

Como llegar

Bizkaibus: Herriko Plaza

Metro: Barakaldo, salida Fueros o Elcano

Renfe Cercanias: Desierto Barakaldo

Taxis: Plaza Bide Onera (Juzgados)